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Cleaning & Maintenance

We want to help you protect your investment so that your flooring is beautiful for many years to come. Below are some tips to use when cleaning and maintaining your new floors. If you have any questions or perhaps a unique circumstance regarding flooring you purchased from Molyneaux, don't hesistate to contact Molyneaux's service department at 412-793-6100, option 4.

Caring for Carpet

  • Use mats at entrances and other areas to prevent outside dirt, and clean mats frequently.
  • Vaccuum carpets often, and vaccuum areas with higher foot traffic more often than others.
  • To uphold the manufacturer's warranty, professional carpet cleaning is required by the manufacturer every 18 to 24 months, depending on the foot traffic. If you are using your own cleaner or renting, ensure the cleaning system is certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). You can find a list of approved devices here.
  • Spills and stains can be tricky and can require different types of cleanup. See pages 5-6 of this guide for best practices with different types of spills or stains.


Caring for Hard Surface (hard wood, laminate, vinyl tile, ceramic)

  • Use felt protectors on furniture legs (not plastic or other materials).
  • Area rugs placed over your hard surface flooring should be relocated 2-3 times per month to avoid discoloration of the surface.
  • No hard surface is scratch-and-dent proof, so using proper protection techniques can minimize the wear and tear on your floor.
  • Clean spills immediately rather than letting them sit on your floor.
  • Use caution with the amount of water used on a hard surface floor. Using excess water, especially on hard wood or laminate, can get water in the joints of the material, causing it to expand and potentially cause irreparable damage. Instead, use a wet/dry sweeper. Note: "Wet Jets" or steam mops are not recommended as they can have the same effect as a mop and bucket, regardless of the claim of the product.
  • We recommend only using a Molyneaux-approved cleaning solution, which can be obtained from any Molyneaux showroom.