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Installation Day FAQ

Last Updated 1/13/2020

We know you’re excited to experience the beauty and joy of your new floors, and so are we! To help you get the best experience out of your installation, here are some frequently asked questions we’ve heard from past customers, along with answers that show what to expect with your installation.

What to Expect

Q: How many installers should I expect at my installation? Depending on the size of your installation, many of our installation crews consist of 1-4 people.
Q: What time will the installers arrive? Your installation crew will call you the morning of your installation with their anticipated arrival time. If you don’t hear from an installation crew the morning of your installation, feel free to call us at 412-793-6100.
Q: What vehicle will the installers be driving? Typically, installers will drive a cargo-style van, or for delivery of material, they may be driving a box truck or similar.
Q: How much time will my installation take? As every installation is different, your installer will provide an anticipated time frame once they get a good overview of your layout in the home.
Q: Do I need to be home during my installation? Not necessarily. If you are not going to be home, you should provide clear instructions to Molyneaux as to how your installer should gain access as well as a good contact phone number to reach you while the installation is taking place.

Preparing for Installation Day

Q: How should I prepare for my installation? Move any small, breakable items, empty any bookcases or entertainment centers, as well as any items from a china cabinet or similar. If your flooring is being installed in a closet, remove any items from the closet floor and any long garments that might be hanging. If you have a closet organizer, remove the items on the unit and if the unit is on the floor of the closet, please remove the unit.
Q: Where should I move my furniture? You can move your furniture anywhere that isn’t in the room(s) where the flooring is being installed.
Q: Should I remove pictures that are hanging on the walls? If the pictures are not secured, taking them down would be a good idea.
Q: What should I do with my refrigerator? We recommend moving the refrigerator to another room and plugging it in. You may want to clean out the refrigerator before moving it to avoid any unnecessary spills.
Q: What should I do with my electronics? We simply ask that you unplug them.
Q: What should I do with my pets? As sometimes installations involve equipment that can be noisy, your pet(s) may become startled. To minimize this, we ask that you secure them in another part of the home or consider having them offsite during your installation, such as utilizing a pet day care.

The Installation Process

Q: Where will the installers begin the installation? Usually, they will begin in the area that is farthest away from the front door and work their way out from there. If the installation includes an upstairs floor, they will always start with the upstairs first.
Q: I’m having carpet and a hard surface product installed. Which will be done first? Almost always, your hard surface will be installed first followed by carpet.
Q: After my old flooring is lifted, do I need to sweep up before the new floor is installed? No, our installers will take care of cleaning up after lifting any existing flooring.

Delivery and “Acclimation”

Q: Why does my new flooring need to be “acclimated?” Many hard surface products require “acclimation” to the temperature and humidity of your home for a few days prior to your installation to ensure the best possible installation and longevity of your new floor as temperatures change. For this reason, we will work with you to schedule your material to be delivered prior to your installation.
Q: Can the product acclimate in my garage? As most garages are not temperature-controlled, your product must acclimate indoors, preferably in the same room as it will eventually be installed, but at least on the same level of the home. Because of this, your product will not be delivered and left inside of a garage.
Q: How much space should I have for my material to be delivered? This is largely dependent upon the size of your installation and the amount/type of product, but a good estimate would be around the size of the area of a dining room table. Please give us a call at 412-793-6100 and we would be happy to give you an estimate of the amount of room needed.
Q: Will my carpet be delivered as well? Carpet is not delivered but brought with the installer on the day of installation.

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