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Two Contrasting Hardwood Floor Styles with Allison

Posted on March 11 2020

Pat: Pat Molyneaux here and today I'm at our Holiday Park store with Allison Connelly, one of our design consultants. So Allison, what are we going to talk about today?

Allison: Today we're talking about hardwood in your space. What I like to do for my customers, I find it very important is to get them to send me emails or pictures by text of their space, so that I can incorporate the best colors that I see fit for that area.

Sometimes somebody has a really big open space so to keep it light and bright or more muted, I like to do something along these lines which you'll see pictures of.

And sometimes in other cases, the space is more neutral where you can have a little bit more fun and dimensional on the floor and you can go with something a little more unique like this piece here.

I find it very important to look at all the pieces to the puzzle when it comes to the project. I like to see what it's going to butt up next to, how it looks with their furniture or their cabinets and their paint colors in their home.

Pat: And the picture we're looking at now is actually this product installed, correct?

Allison: Both of those, yes. So you'll see both of those in the picture.

Pat:  And I'm impressed with how you really do pay attention to the environment when you go into the house, furniture, cabinets. So talk a little bit about what you do when you're in the home.

Allison: I just take a survey of everything and the little things you don't even think about, you know, if there was a powder room off of it, and there's tile in there that leaving, you just want to make sure that that color is going to compliment butted up right next to it, or the carpet in an entering room.

Pat: Great. If you'd like one of our design consultants to bring beauty and joy to your home, call 412-400-1000.