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The Molyneaux Difference: Professional Installation

Posted on June 05 2019

Professional floor installation by Molyneaux Tile Carpet Wood

From our values as a family-owned business and dedication to our customers, to our in-home design consultations and product warranties, we deliver the Molyneaux Difference for every customer for every flooring project. We take pride in completing each unique project. It’s at that point, when you experience your new flooring in your home, that you can see all of the work dedicated to designing, planning and installation come together. Recognizing that professional installation is crucial to the success of a flooring project, we work with only the best in the business. Averaging 15 years of experience with nine team members celebrating over 20 years working with Molyneaux, our professional installation team helps us carry out our vision of bringing beauty and joy to all we touch.

Survey and Inspect

During your in-home consultation, your design consultant takes measurements and inspects the installation site to determine next steps. For any potential concerns, we follow a pre-installation protocol. For example, the risk of asbestos in historic Pittsburgh homes is a serious matter that we do not take lightly. When warranted, we will schedule an asbestos test or other site inspections to determine whether any additional steps are needed to protect your family before installing your new flooring.

Prep the Subfloor

Though you will not be able to see the results once the new flooring is installed, you will be able to determine very quickly whether the subfloor was prepared properly before installation. This step may add some time to the installation process, but it is always worth it. Depending on the existing flooring and your new flooring selection, we will recommend a process for preparing the subfloor. We might need to fix an uneven existing surface, or we might need to lay a plywood subfloor before installing new hardwood flooring or recommend a particular carpet pad to improve comfort and durability of your new carpet. We take the time upfront to prepare the project site and recommend proper installation processes that ensure the integrity of your new flooring.

Complete the Installation

With our unmatched experience in the industry, our team has seen everything when it comes to installation projects. How will we create invisible joints between the flooring and walls to allow for expansion and contraction of wood flooring with changes in temperature and humidity? Will doors need to be adjusted to accommodate a change in height of the flooring? Do we need to seal flooring seams to prevent moisture intrusion in a bathroom installation? There are no shortcuts when it comes to proper installation. Our experienced team plans ahead and provides a solution for every potential curveball during the installation process.

Described by our customers as “one-of-a-kind” and “friendly, helpful and courteous,” we could not be prouder of our installation team members and the entire Molyneaux team that works together to serve our customers. From answering questions about our products and installation processes, to moving furniture and even arranging for a billiards company to disassemble a pool table to enable a successful flooring installation, our team will do what it takes to make you as proud as we are of your completed flooring project.

If you’re ready to experience the Molyneaux Difference, contact us anytime at 412-400-1000 or visit us online to start the conversation about our design and installation expertise and premium flooring selections. Then get ready to #LoveYourFloor with the very best service, quality and results.