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The Color Wall with Megan

Posted on February 12 2020

Pat:  Pat Molyneaux here and today we're at our Oakmont store with one of our design consultants, Megan Baird. So Megan, what are we going to talk about today?

Megan:   Well Pat, today we're going to talk about one of my absolute favorite products. I sell probably 90% of this when dealing with carpet. So what it is called the Color Wall or Class Act is what we call it. The reason I like it so much is there's over 100 different colors. But the most important thing it comes in solids, it comes in matching two tone counterparts like what you see here, and then it has multi colors too. The two tones in multi, they are very, very popular as of late, they're lower maintenance carpets, they don't require vacuuming as much because they tend to hide things, footprints, debris and all that, so people really like that. The other thing it's a Shaw product, called Anso Nylon, so it's warranted for steps and hallways where most carpets on the market are not. So that tells you, it's a very durable carpet if Shaw is willing to put a warranty for steps in hallways like that. So it really holds up. It is pet resistant so if you have any animals, you don't have to worry about any accidents, this carpet will not be affected by that.

Pat:  Great. Well I appreciate that. I noticed that. It's very soft too.

Megan:   It is. I'm glad you brought that up. So it actually comes in two different levels. You would have your level one like this one here and then your level two. It's not a better-best scenario, it's actually just the feeling that you prefer. So as you go from a one to a two, you get a little longer and a little thicker, but they come with the same great warranties that [00:01:21 Unintelligible] offers.

Pat: Thank you so much.

Megan: Thank you.

Pat: So if you'd like one of our design consultants to bring beauty and joy to your home, call 412-400-1000.