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Luxury Vinyl Tile with Malik

Posted on February 19 2020

Pat: Pat Molyneaux here and today I'm with Malik Vincent, one of our design consultants from our Oakmont store. So, what are we going to talk about today, Malik?

Malik:   So today we're going to talk about this particular product from the Lisieux collection, being the MV134, which is a luxury vinyl tile, a floating clip product, so no adhesives or glues involved whatsoever. And this particular color is the Multi-Strip Canyon.

I recently had a consultation with a customer, and I wasn't really settled with exactly this color because I thought it would be busy.  I thought it wouldn't be, you know, something that would look very good. But I recently saw the installation photos and it looks absolutely gorgeous. It turns out to have lot of contrast, a lot of color differentiation: it is an absolute beauty! I'm so happy with the way that it turned out in particular.

And one of the other things, Pat, is that this customer wanted it done in a quicker fashion. And I was able to do this with this particular product in Lisieux collection. So it really just covers all the check marks here. Being a 12mm product which can be used in both residential and light commercial environments

Pat:  And this variation is amazing and the authentic look of real wood is amazing. So thank you, Malik. If you'd like one of our design consultants to bring beauty and joy to your home, call 412-400-1000 today