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How To: Prepare Your Floors for Winter

Posted on October 16 2019

 how to prepare your floors for winter: winter boots and snow

It’s the season of beautiful colors, warm sweaters and pumpkin spice flavors. It’s finally fall! The heat and humidity of the summer are behind us and we’re enjoying the cooler temperatures and welcoming more outdoor activities. As you enjoy the beautiful outdoors this season, take time to prepare for the cold temperatures of winter that will make you want to spend more time indoors. To help you prepare for winter, we’ve gathered some tips from our team of Molyneaux professionals for protecting your floors and keeping your home feeling cozy all season.

Clean Floors Regularly

With all of the travel and activity of summer keeping you busy and away from home, fall is a good time for a thorough cleaning. If you have not had your carpets professionally cleaned in the last 12 to 18 months, now is a great time! During fall and winter, clean floors frequently to remove debris from falling leaves, hiking boots and ice melt. For hardwood flooring or other hard surfaces, be sure to sweep or vacuum first to remove debris that can cause scratches if dragged across the floor by a mop. If you have have waterproof luxury vinyl flooring, cleaning will be easier, but you will still want to clean more often. 

 Prepare Your Floors for Winter: Position welcome mats

Position Welcome Mats

Place a sturdy welcome mat inside and outside each entrance to stop muddy and wet shoes and paws from tracking debris and moisture into your home. Vacuum and clean the mats often so they remain effective at trapping the dirt and debris that can damage your floors. During inclement weather, leave muddy shoes or snow boots at the door and replace with socks or slippers to wear inside your home. You’ll protect your floors AND keep your feet warm!

Maintain Indoor Humidity Levels

If you have hardwood floors, be mindful of humidity levels in your home. As humidity levels drop during fall and winter, hardwood floors can dry out, which can result in splintering and splitting or gapping between the planks. Aim for relative humidity between 35 and 55 percent in your home, which you can manage with a humidifier to add moisture to the air during cold and dry winter months.

How To: Prepare Your Floors for Winter: Install area rugs 

Add Some Area Rugs

Hard surface flooring may start to feel cold underfoot as outdoor temperatures drop. Make your home feel warm and inviting by adding some cozy area rugs, especially for cold surfaces such as tile or stone. You’ll love the warmth under your toes, and your pets will love having a soft spot to curl up. Check out our collection of Milan area rugs, which can be custom sized for any space in your home,

If you have questions about preparing your floors for winter, our Molyneaux team is always here to help! Give our service team a call at 412-793-6100, or schedule an in-home design consultation to learn more about area rugs and other flooring options to keep your home warm and inviting all year long. Whether you’re looking for hardwood, waterproof luxury vinyl, laminate, carpet, tile or more, we’re ready to help you choose the perfect flooring for your home. We’re dedicated to helping Pittsburgh homeowners #LoveYourFloor with the very best service, quality and results.