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How To: Choose the Perfect Flooring for Your Home

Posted on July 22 2019

Upgraded flooring brings a fresh look and inviting feeling to your space, but where should you start? You want gorgeous floors, but you need flooring that supports your lifestyle. You can have both! Get the best of both worlds and #LoveYourFloor with these tips for your next flooring project:

Consider the Style of Your Home

Spotlight the beautiful features of your home and create a balanced aesthetic by choosing flooring that matches the style of your home.

 farmhouse style

For a farmhouse style, choose wood patterns with visible grain and the distressed look of reclaimed wood. If you prefer tile, choose neutral to cool tones and consider light-colored area rugs to add some comfort and texture.

mid century modern 

For mid-century modern, say hello to earth tones! Look for warm hues like browns or oranges which can be found in many options such as  hardwood flooring, tile or luxury vinyl flooring. If you have bright and bold furniture or statement pieces typical of the mid-century modern style, balance the overall look with neutral or muted shades in your flooring.

industrial style

In the Steel City and other cities with a rich manufacturing history, industrial style homes are complementary to the surroundings. Grey or dark tiles give a nod to the strength of worn concrete and match well with mixed metals and added textures. Aged wood or wood inspired luxury vinyl can highlight the industrial design features of your home like exposed brick, steel beams or concrete countertops.

Consider Your Lifestyle

When choosing your flooring, keep in mind that it needs to suit your lifestyle – you do have to use it, after all! If you need kid or pet friendly options, consider a product that is durable and easy to clean, such as luxury vinyl or tile. Since kiddos and puppies like to roll around on the floor, add area rugs that can be cleaned easily but also provide some cushion and comfort.

mud room

Consider the Space

Each room in your home serves a different purpose and you can find the perfect flooring for each space. For high traffic areas, consider a durable product such as luxury vinyl flooring or tile that is easy to clean. If you’re updating a mudroom, steer toward waterproof luxury vinyl in wood or tile inspired styles that can handle dripping umbrellas and wet shoes. For a sunroom or other rooms that get plenty of direct natural light, opt for products such as laminate that will stay cool and resist fading from the sun.

If you’re ready to upgrade your flooring, let our team of experts help you get started! Contact us anytime at 412-400-1000 or visit us online to schedule your in-home design consultation. Whether you’re looking for hardwood, waterproof vinyl, carpet, custom area rugs, tile or more, we’re dedicated to helping customers throughout Pittsburgh with the very best service, quality and results. Looking for some inspiration to get started? Check out some of our favorite designs and get ready to #LoveYourFloor!