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How To: Care for Carpet

Posted on October 03 2019


If you have carpets in your home, chances are you have battled spots and stains. We’re dedicating this blog to parents, households with pups and other pets, and anyone who has spilled a dinner plate or witnessed a Wine Wednesday gone awry. We’ve been there too, so we know you are the proud owners of stained carpets. Whether you spilled your coffee while rushing out of the house, muddy paws sprinted past your best attempt to block them at the door, or the lid failed on a sippy cup, we’re here to help.

We asked our team of Molyneaux professionals to share their favorite tips for caring for carpets in their homes and how to restore carpets to their original beauty.

Set a Cleaning Schedule

Vacuum carpets two to three times a week and adjust as needed for the amount of foot traffic. You may find that hallways, family rooms and other carpets that see a lot of activity should be vacuumed frequently.

Schedule a professional carpet cleaning every 12 to 18 months with a hot water extraction method. This not only cleans the carpet but also helps bring the carpet fibers back to life, which is especially helpful for carpets that get matted or worn in high traffic areas. Professional cleanings can be completed with a store bought or rented cleaning machine, or by a professional service. If you choose to clean your own carpets, select a cleaning system that is certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). If you prefer to hire a professional service, choose a provider that is certified and uses a hot water extraction method without special powders or extra services. For a local referral, give our Molyneaux service team a call at 412-793-6100.


Spot Clean Right Away

Special cleaning products are not necessary when vacuuming carpets on a regular basis, but they may be needed for spots and stains. Be aware that not all cleaners are safe for carpet, despite specific product claims. For example, Resolve contains bleach that can discolor carpet. Look for cleaning products that are approved by Molyneaux and the carpet manufacturer. Dawn dish soap is a common household cleaner that is safe for carpet and can be used for stain treatment. For tough stains, visit your local Molyneaux showroom to pick up a complimentary bottle of carpet cleaner.

When spot cleaning, use a damp, white cloth with a little cleaning solution. It is important to use a white cloth so you can confirm that the stain is transferring from the carpet onto the cloth. Make sure to blot the stained area, rather than scrubbing, which can damage the carpet fibers.

It may take a few cleanings to remove a stain, especially if the stain sits on the carpet and soaks into the pad. If a stain that you have cleaned previously comes back, then the stain soaked into the pad and has “wicked” back into the carpet. You can simply clean the stain again to remove it completely.


Considerations When Choosing Your Carpet

All carpet will show shading, vacuum cleaner marks and footprints. Matting and wear will also show, especially in high traffic areas. The visibility of footprints and normal wear depends on the make of the carpet. When choosing carpet for your home, discuss options with your design consultant to achieve the desired aesthetics and durability needed for your space.  

In addition to vacuuming and professional cleanings, homeowners can purchase carpet rakes at any home improvement store. These can help bring carpet fibers back to life in high traffic areas and restore carpets to their original beauty.

For carpet or any other flooring selection for your home, check with the manufacturer for special cleaning and care requirements to maintain the warranty and keep your floors looking brand new for years to come. You can also check out our care and cleaning tips for hardwood floors or other hard surfaces such as vinyl, tile and laminate. Our Molyneaux team is always here to help! Give our service team a call at 412-793-6100 and we’d be happy to answer your questions. We’re dedicated to helping customers throughout Pittsburgh #LoveYourFloor with the very best service, quality and results.