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Custom Area Rugs with Megan

Posted on March 18 2020

Pat:  Hi, Pat Molyneaux here and today I'm with Megan Baird, a design consultant from our Oakmont store. Megan, what are we going to talk about today?

Megan:   Pat, today we're going to talk about the area rug here that we offer. We do have a great area rug program. So basically anything that's in the showroom, anything you see here, we can turn into a custom size area rug for you and we handle it all. So the binding, the delivery, the installing if we need it, and of course the padding.

The reason I'm showing you the Tuftex line here is they have a lot of nice patterns. You can see some are very traditional, some are more bold and would be more of a focal point in the room. But you also have some that are a little more subtle like this one here that it just kind of blends in if you want, you know, your paint or something else to do the talking in the room. But it does have a lot of colors that you can get in these patterns here.

My personal favorite is this one here for a couple of reasons. It's a very versatile carpet so you could put this in a traditional setting. It has a certain look but it can also be very trendy or modern if you're more of a trendsetter and you know, have a more modern sleek look in your home. Now it does come in eye popping, eye catching colors like this one here. It's a jewel tone which is my personal favorite, but you can also have very neutral colors too depending on what your color palette in the home is. There's also some other colors that pop down here would be the black and the brown.

So very good looking carpet and it also has a great hand to it too, if you feel that. It's nice and thick. Very, very durable.

Pat:        Durable but soft.

Megan:   Durable, but soft.

Pat:        Thanks Megan. If you'd like one of our design consultants to bring beauty and joy to your home, call 412-400-1000.