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Carpet with Malik

Posted on March 04 2020

Pat:  Pat Molyneaux here and today I'm with Malik Vincent from our Oakmont store. Talk to me Malik. Tell me about this particular carpet and why we're discussing this today.

Malik:  Sure. Much like the beaches of Central America, Pat, we have the Panama Rocks carpet here. It is a short and tight, low plush carpet that looks absolutely wonderful with our installation method. And over our eight pound pad, it feels like an absolute cloud.

It also presents a lot of colors in terms of multi-tone and solid so it's very versatile in many different scenarios.

And it also offers some of our best warranties in the industry, to the tune of lifetime stain and soil, lifetime fade resistance, lifetime pet stains and resistance and 25 years all the way down the line. So it's one that will take care of you over the years

Pat: And this has been your best seller this year. Correct?

Malik: By a million miles. Absolutely. I've sold more of this than anything this year.

Pat:  If you'd like one of our design consultants to come to your home, and bring beauty and joy to your home, call 412-400-1000.