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5 Tips To Protect Your Floors from Everyday Damage

Posted on November 14 2019

welcome mat and shoes

Homes are a flurry of activity, from kids playing and pets jumping, to busy kitchens and visits with friends and family. With a little help, your floors can withstand it all, including the dust, dirt, spills and accidents that come with all of the daily activity. Protect your investment and preserve the beauty of your floors with these five tips to prevent everyday damage. 

Remove Shoes

Shoes are the biggest culprit for tracking dirt and debris into your home. Rocks and dirt caught in the treads of sneakers and boots can scratch hard surface floors and leave dirty footprints. High heels or shoes with damaged heels can dent hardwood floors or snag carpet fibers. While you can’t protect your shoes from damage and dirt, you can prevent the potential damage to your floors by leaving shoes at the door. Position welcome mats at each entrance to catch dirt and debris right at the door as well as provide a convenient place to swap those shoes for socks or slippers to wear inside your home. Say goodbye to dirt and welcome to cozy slippers in your home!

  person in socks with broom

Sweep and Vacuum Regularly

Despite your best efforts, dirt and debris will enter your home. Sweep hard surface flooring regularly with a broom or dry Swiffer to remove debris that can scratch the surface. Vacuum carpets two to three times per week to collect dirt that can settle into the carpet fibers. Keep an eye on high traffic areas, such as entryways, hallways and stairs, and clean those floors more frequently as needed. A little regular cleaning will go a long way in preserving the beauty of your floors!

child in barefeet on tile floor with spilt milk

Clean Up Spills Immediately

Spills are bound to happen in your home, from pet accidents and splashes from the bathtub, to kitchen spills and overspray from counter cleaners. Liquids left to sit on floors can damage hard surfaces and soak into carpets, so clean up spills immediately with a soft cloth. Visit one of our Molyneaux showrooms to pick up approved cleaning products and check out our cleaning tips for handling some common spills and stains. A busy home can be messy, so enjoy the moment and clean up afterward!

 large dog sitting on area rug

Trim Pets’ Nails

Who doesn’t love being greeted by their pet when they walk in the door? If that greeting is accompanied by the tapping of nails on your floors, then it’s time for a trim! Pets’ nails can scratch hard surface flooring or snag carpet loops, so keep an eye on those paws and trim nails regularly. From muddy paws to potential accidents, pets can present other challenges for your floors. Check out some of our other tips and pet friendly flooring options for your home.

man and woman moving heavy couch

Use Caution with Heavy Furniture

While you may not see it right away, heavy furniture can cause damage to your floors. Prevent a future surprise by using furniture pads on sofas to prevent them from sliding and scratching hard surface floors. Heavy furniture can also cause matting in carpets, so reposition the furniture on occasion and vacuum underneath to release the carpet fibers. When moving furniture, be sure to lift instead of dragging it across carpet to prevent snagging on carpet loops or damage to fibers. For moving furniture across hard surface flooring, use a dolly and protective sheets of plywood to prevent dents and scratches.


Your home is a hub of activity, but you can preserve the beauty of your floors with simple steps to prevent everyday damage. If you’re interested in exploring flooring options for your home, contact us at 412-400-1000 or visit us online to get started with your in-home design consultation. Whether you prefer hardwood, waterproof vinyl, laminate, carpet or tile, our design consultants can answer your questions and help you find the perfect flooring to stand up to the daily activity in your home. Get ready to #LoveYourFloor with the very best service, quality and results from Molyneaux.