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5 Reasons to Consider Luxury Vinyl Flooring for your Home

Posted on September 26 2019

Waterproof flooring in Pittsburgh

Have you ever wished for flooring that is durable, waterproof and easy to maintain? Look no further than luxury vinyl flooring. This flooring can hold its own in any active household, from kids playing and pets jumping to bathtub splashes and kitchen spills. Here are our top five reasons to consider luxury vinyl flooring for your home.


Luxury vinyl is available in tile inspired or wood inspired designs and a variety of sizes, patterns and color options. With advances in high definition 3D imaging, luxury vinyl can mimic natural stone, tile or hardwood planks with textures to give your flooring an authentic look and feel.

Pro Tip: When choosing among luxury vinyl options, look for a textured surface to provide some slip resistance to keep kids and pets from sliding across the hard surface.

 Dog with ball on waterproof vinyl plank floor


Luxury vinyl is comprised of multiple layers that make it one of the most durable flooring options available. A top layer provides resistance to scuffs and scratches. The multi-layer construction also makes luxury vinyl a completely waterproof flooring option and able to stand up to wear in high traffic areas of your home. Luxury vinyl is truly worry-free, so you won’t have to cry over spilled milk, pet accidents or any other messes that come your way.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to sacrifice design for durability. Consider luxury vinyl in your entryway or mudroom to create a beautiful entry that can also handle wet rainboots and dripping umbrellas.


In addition to improved durability, the multi-layer construction of luxury vinyl flooring adds thickness and insulation compared to tile or hardwood flooring options. This can dampen sounds, such as the tapping of shoes or pets’ nails as they walk across the floor. The added thickness also delivers comfort and warmth underfoot.

Pro Tip: Protect your bare toes from cold bathroom tiles by upgrading to the warmth of luxury vinyl tile.

warm, waterproof luxury vinyl plank flooring in bathroom

Easy Maintenance

Homeowners love how easy it is to clean and maintain luxury vinyl flooring. With just a vacuum or damp mop, you can tackle everyday dirt or spills of any size. Luxury vinyl does not require sealing or refinishing, so it is easy to maintain over its lifetime.

Pro Tip: Make a daily habit of sweeping or vacuuming your luxury vinyl floors to keep them looking brand new.


Whether you’re concerned about scratches from pets’ nails or everyday messes that can happen around your home, luxury vinyl has you covered. It’s great for bathroom splashes, kitchen spills, wet shoes and everything else a busy household can throw your way.

Pro Tip: With its durability and ease of maintenance, we recommend luxury vinyl flooring for any room in your home, even stairways!

home entry way with waterproof luxury vinyl plank flooring / LVT

If you’re interested in exploring waterproof luxury vinyl flooring for your home, contact us anytime at 412-400-1000 or visit us online to schedule your in-home design consultation. With our product selection and professional installation, our Molyneaux team is dedicated to helping Pittsburgh #LoveYourFloor with the very best service, quality and results.